Free Jar of Cupuacu Butter Moisturiser with all orders during July

by Donna Wright

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Free 30ml jar of extra thick and rich moisturiser

All orders on the website from the 28th June to the end of July will receive a new product, a 30ml jar of cupuacu butter moisturiser worth £7. You will also be added to our new product tester list for free samples in the coming weeks. All we ask is you give us an honest review so we can refine the product to perfection!

New Argan Oil Shampoo Bars

Heart shaped shampoo bars in a travel tin in a range of summer fragrances including watermelon, orange lime and basil and coconut day dreams £5.99 each.

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Gorgeous heart shaped solid shampoo bars made with an Argan oil and cocoa butter base with added Panthenol to de-tangle and strengthen hair. Argan Oil is rich in vitamin e and omega acids that are believed to reduce split ends, oleic and linoleic acids are vital nutrients to maintain and improve hair health. We have also added shea butter to provide that extra silky soft finish and moisturising for the scalp.

This shampoo comes in a range of fragrances:-
Watermelon mist (red)
Coconut day dreams (white)
Thai lime and mango (green)
Orange basil and lime (orange)
Snow Faerie (white)
Oak smoke and embers for men (white)
Invictorious (blue)

Weight approximately 80g

It is suitable for all hair types.
The natural oils make this a conditioning bar in addition to shampoo.
Enriched with gorgeous Argan Oil which is lovely and gentle on the hair and scalp.
Beautiful soft and creamy lather.
Just rub into wet hair and massage in!
SLS free!
Packed in a recyclable tin packaging, zero waste!

Made in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds on our 'small' holding surrounded by nature and our rescued greyhounds and chickens. We have an independent and purpose built soap kitchen where we create our products and a large log cabin for storage and supply facilities. We are a family run business and create our products with natural ingredients and fine fragrances and essential oils with as little impact on the nature around us, from our heart to your home.