Its all about the condition baby....

by Donna Wright

Well the first things to say is we are still open and trading!  Our soap kitchen is a separate building on our land and we have a regular collection service from our office facility so we don't need to drive to work it is just a short walk out the back!  So today we are going to be talking conditioner bars a new product in our range.  Each one is made with shea, cocoa butter and argan oil and lasts for months, replacing the need for plastic bottles.  They also contain panthenol and silk proteins.

Panthenol in haircare

Hair consists of a part Panthenol, which allows the ingredient to penetrate deeper, causing hair to swell slightly and create more volume.  In skin and hair, Panthenol is converted to Provitamin B5, which keeps it moisturised for prolonged periods.  It also forms a film of moisture on the hair strand, providing protection for your hair and the ability to control that moisture whilst increasing the hair's resistance to damage and dehydration.  It can also make the hair shinier and conteracts frizz overload!

Benefits of silk proteins

A silk protein performs the same functions on the hair as other common proteins, it helps strengthen the hair and helps to fill the 'gaps' between the hair cuticles to make the hair more resistant to breakage.

How do you use a conditioner bar?

  1. Moisten the Conditioner Bar with warm water and work between your hands. (N.B. the Conditioner Bar DOES NOT lather it is not a soap bar)
    Drag the Conditioner Bar through your wet hair, especially if you have thick, curly and/or a lot of hair.
  2. Run your hands through your wet hair to disperse the conditioner through the full length of your hair, brush or comb through, any areas that feel tangled just massage a little more through until your can brush through easily.  For fine hair you may only need a bit on the ends and for thick hair you may need more particularly at the nape of the neck where hair is often at it;s thickest. (N.B. Do not use too much, just a light pull through. This product is super concentrated so less is definitely more!).
  3. Rinse well with warm water either immediately for light conditioning or leave on for a few minutes for deep conditioning.

Do you want to make your own conditioner bars?  I will be sharing the recipe next week, after many months of finding the right recipe we are going to share it with you for free!