Shampoo bar? Do they work?

by Donna Wright from Soap and So

I have asked myself this a number of times, having tried a slice a few years ago in coconut, it smelt lovely but my hair was matted and impossible to get a brush through the next day, I ended up throwing it away as the latest fad and resigned myself to plastic shampoo (sorry world!) and that is not just the bottle that is the smell of mass produced shampoos!  If I wanted to go on with a shampoo bar it would have to be Lush, ummmm still not sure. We have recently decided to reduce plastic and try and live a more natural and meaningful life!  I have been determined to make a good shampoo bar and have tried a few but finally I have an awesome one raspberry bubbly, packed with Argan oil, sweet almond, hemp oils and Evening Primrose oil, I added in citric acid (a very small amount) to make it really soft and gentle.  I used it for the first time and my hair went sticky and then squeaky in the bath but then, after a good rinse, I could brush my hair with no tangles and it is so soft and lovely.....I will be adding to the page shortly but if you are keen to see it now visit us at instagram to see the finished prototype?????  Smells gorgeous too - Raspberry Shampoo Bar