The great shampoo bar question...

by Donna Wright

The most common question I get asked is 'why does my hair feels different since I have used a shampoo bar'! Once you first move to an all natural shampoo bar hair can feel tangled, dry, frizzy (like mine) and even more flyaway than usual!  This is perfectly natural and common however the adjustment period is very different dependant on the individual and also if you have hard water.

How does my hair adjust to a shampoo bar

It is first to understand that sticky feeling, we have used commercial detergent shampoos for a long time and probably knew but did not realise the impact of long term use.  They strip away natural oils from the hair and scalp and to compensate your scalp produces even more oils, which get stripped away next time, this is a cycle of damage that takes a while to recover from.  We can help...

All of our soaps are super fatted by up to 10% which means these have extra butters and oils that are for the pure goodness of the product and ensuring extra moisturising and nourishment for your hair and skin.  Lather well in your hands, on a sponge or in your hands of straight onto the head.  Rub the lather well into the hair, combing through to ensure an even distribution.  You don't want a coating of soap oils on your hair but the lovely soft super fatted lather!  Add lots of water and rinse thoroughly so that the residue dirt and oils can be cleaned.  The sticky hair feeling happens most often when the soap residue does not get completely rinsed away.  Lather and rinse well!


Lather well and use the foam to wash your hair, try a sponge or an exfoliating glove and massage hair and scalp.

Rinse, rinse and rinse again!

Try a vinegar rinse afterwards.

Do not give up, your hair will adjust

Vinegar Rinse

Mix 8-10 tablespoons of vinegar (any type works, white wine, apple cider) in 500-650ml of warm water, mix well and pour over, massage in and leave for a minute, rinse well.  For dry hair try half the amount of vinegar and find a dilution that works for you

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