We're back.

by Glynn Wright

Hello and welcome to

That's another 10 minutes of my life I'll never get back.

Well as some of you are aware we had to move house, home and businesses. We just have too much stuff, both raw materials and finished stock as well as too much making and just too little space.

We're pretty sure a lot of you also know how that feels.

There was a bit of a price to pay for the extra room. We knocked the website back into the dark ages having to put it into a holiday mode for nearly 4 weeks. Plus when we arrived we had to wait 3 weeks to get the electrics sorted out.

All the extra waiting for the beloved solicitors to actually talk to each other and pull their fingers out meant the stock of soap and stands we had built up was all too soon sold.

But that's all behind us. We're here and we're now back in business. We're still finding items we lost during the move, mind you, it's wonderful.

Anyway Donna and I would just like to thank all our old regular customers for keeping the faith and also the new ones for dipping a toe, including Dedree who gave us our first order from Oz this week. A first for our new local.

-Ok so maybe not 10 minuets but a good 40 seconds.-

Happy Selling!

Donna and Glynn