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Soap and So


Hi I am so pleased you found us!  I am Donna and my husband Glynn and we run The Stuff I Love website (in fact he built it as well).  Where to begin.... I started making soap in 2015 as a hobby and also for our home.  They are gentler and less irritating than commercial brands and as I suffer from eczema I had to find an alternative that was luxurious without stripping my skin.  I made many for Christmas presents and the family loved them however after accumulating a a lot of soap I decided to start selling at local craft fairs. These provided an opportunity to get feedback and help support further product development.  Since then I have added some different items to my range including bath bombs, shampoo bars and even conditioner bars.


 Firstly let us tell you we make every product we dispatch from raw ingredients to final packaged product, we have a separate soap kitchen and packing and storage facility at our home in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  This is important to us because it is not made in bulk (usually around about 7-8 loaves at a time) and every bath bomb is made individually by hand.  We check every ingredient and make sure we are happy before it starts on our creative table.

 We purchase our ingredients from UK based suppliers only, sometimes that makes it more expensive but this is about supporting other business in our handmade community and making a difference to our enviroment, less miles less damage.

 We pack our products with as much natural ingredients as we can, plant based, sustainable and good for all.  They are SLS, Parabens and cruelty free and 95% of our products suitable for vegan buyers (only lip balm is excluded at this time).


 We have discovered a wonderful home compostable plastic bag that we use for bath bombs, the rest are in recyclable tubs, tins and paper bags (individual soap slices).  We ship in brown cardboard with recyclable and biodegradable peanuts or brown paper.  We also offer a free collect from us option so feel free to visit our rural haven and collect your items.

We are proud members of the The Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers

 Our recipes are safety assessed by a U.K. chemist as required by EU legislation and are listed on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal, an EU database, all candles and melts are CLP compliant.

We moved from Dorset to Lincolnshire in May 2019 because we wanted a more rural life, closer to nature, and to have our own facilities at our home and really influence how we lived and worked.  We care enormously about the wildlife and nature around us being protected so our packing is either in paper bags or home compostable bags, you can also recycle our boxes and packing peanuts.  We currently live in the Wolds with our rescued greyhounds, a few chickens and look forward to more rescue animals joining our rural adventure on our small holding.

The Little Woodwork Shop.


 Glynn Wright had started out as a maintenance man and found himself often being asked if he could design and make various pieces and items from wood. One of the very first projects was a cabinet with shelves that slid forward for heavy metal case file holders to sit on and in for an elderly lady. This project was duly completed in a 6 x 10 ft garden shed and the kitchen floor.

Since then the shed has grown along with the tools and the knowledge to use them.

Necessity is the mother of invention 


The display stands have developed from a single stand (that didn't collapse down) that was made for Donna to take to her craft fairs and sell her soap and bath products on.

That first stand rattled around the back of her van for days on end when it wasn't needed and it didn't take long for the necessity of a collapsible stand to become clear. After Glynn designed the first Collapsible Stand it was soon taken to a craft fair where the interest from other stall holders was instant.

Since then Glynn has allowed  himself to be guided by customer requirements and with a few revisions in the design has and continues to develop a range of quality stands.

All the stands Glynn makes are made by hand with no laser guided computer controlled widget makers in site.

All the cuts are set up using tapes and rules and template the stands are all sanded and the edges are rounded over and every stand goes through a pre-fit and build before leaving the workshop for country's all over the world.

Some of the country's Glynn has sent stands to are 


America including Alaska and Maui 







New Zealand