Wholesale Information

Wholesale Information

Thank you for visiting our website and enquiring about wholesale purchases, we will provide all you need to sell our products wholesale.


Firstly let us tell you we make every product we dispatch from raw ingredients to final packaged product, we have a separate soap kitchen and packing and storage facility at our home in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds.  This is important to us because it is not made in bulk (usually around about 7-8 loaves at a time) and every bath bomb is made individually by hand.  We check every ingredient and make sure we are happy before it starts on our creative table.

We purchase our ingredients from UK based suppliers only, sometimes that makes it more expensive but this is about supporting other business in our handmade community and making a difference to our enviroment, less miles less damage.

We pack our products with as much natural ingredients as we can, plant based, sustainable and good for all.  They are SLS, Parabens and cruelty free and 95% of our products suitable for vegan buyers (only lip balm is excluded at this time).


We have discovered a wonderful home compostable plastic bag that we are phasing in for use with wholesale bath bombs, the rest are in recyclable tubs, tins and paper bags (individual soap slices).  We ship in brown cardboard with recyclable and biodegradable peanuts or brown paper.  We also offer a free collect from us option so feel free to visit our rural haven and collect your items.


All of our products for sale are in our 'Wholesale Bath and Beauty' or 'Wholesale Candles and Melts' categories, these have sub folders for specific product types such as soap or bath bombs.  They come in batches usually around 6 with soaps sold by the 10 slice loaf (contact us if you want slices we are happy to do mixed batches for you)

There is no minimum order value or quantity just purchase what you would like.

If you would like to sell our items wholesale, please register with the site and email us on  mail@thestuffilove.com, we will then set you up as a wholesaler and you will have access to the wholesale pages.

Legislative Requirements (as of 7 - always double check in case of changes as this is for information only)

We provide labelling on the products that comply with current legislation and this needs to be shown on all products or in the vicinity of (for products sold 'naked'):- 

Labelling Requirements for Cosmetics

All cosmetics placed on the market in the UK must be labelled in English with the following information (On both containers & packaging materials) in visible, legible and indelible letters:

Name and Address of the Responsible Person  (If several addresses are provided for the responsible person, the address where the Product Information File (PIF) must be highlighted).  If you sell the product under your brand or name you must register the products and notify the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal (UK Government site) of the responsible person within your business.  

Country of Origin, Quantity Marking The nominal content must be given by weight or by volume; except for packaging containing less than five grams or five millilitres, free samples and single-application packs

Durability Information Products with a minimum durability of less than 30 months: Such products should be marked with an indication of the “Period after Opening” (PaO) for which the product will remain safe and can be used without harm to consumers; indicated by the symbol on the right followed by the period in months or years next to it. Products with a minimum durability of more than 30 months: If a cosmetic product safety assessment determines that a product has a durability of greater than 30 months, such products should be marked with “Date of Minimum Durability”.  

This can be marked either by using the words “best before the end of” Precautions to be observed in use If particular precautions are required, Annexes III to VI of Regulation 1223/ 2009 specifies the specific “wording of conditions of use and warnings” to be used Function of the Product if not obvious

Batch Code or Product Reference Number Where it is impossible for practical reasons to label the cosmetic product (container) itself because it is too small, such information must then be marked on the (outer) packaging

List of Ingredients

A full list of ingredients must be given, preceded by the word ‘INGREDIENTS’ in descending order by weight. The full list of ingredients should usually be indicated on both the cosmetic product itself and on any outer packaging. The names of ingredients containing any nanomaterials shall be followed by the word ‘nano’ in brackets. Note: For products that would be impossible to label in this way, because of their size or shape, the ingredients may then be listed on the outer packaging only.

Soap, Bath Bombs and Other Small Products:

In respect to such products if the list of ingredients cannot be indicated either on the packaging or on a label, tag, tape or card, it must be provided on a notice to be found in the immediate proximity of where the cosmetic product is exposed for sale. The Responsible Person must provide the distributor with this information and the product should be labelled with the open book symbol opposite Ingredients should be listed by their “common ingredient name”, which is also known as the INCI name (International Nomenclature for Cosmetic Ingredients).

You can add your logo and contact details but the responsible person (myself for my brand) must show the location they were made which will be registered with the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal.

Cosmetic Safety Assessments

You must have a cosmetic safety assessment for every product that you sell in the UK.  These test the recipe to make sure there is no harm to individuals, fragrances and essential oils are classed as dangerous chemicals so any allergens will be listed on the packaging.  

Batch Numbers

Each product should show a batch number which is recorded by the manufacturer listing the ingredients, purchased from and the batch number of each, this allows for traceability to source on each product.

We are members of the Guild of Craft Soap and Toiletry Makers, they check you hold safety assessments required to sell your products.