Cosmetic Safety Assessments

We are updating access to our safety assessments so that these can be downloaded when required by wholesalers.  There is a legal requirement for all cosmetic products to be safety assessed by a chemist and placed upon the UK cosmetic portal before sale.  Please see our list below and if there is something you need that is not provided below please get in contact with us on:-
Argan Oil CSA 
Bath Bombs 1 CSA 
(Strawberry Mallow, Violet, Citrus, Plum, JCB, Rhubarb)
Bath Bombs 2 CSA 
(Melon, Coconut, Thai Lime, OBL, Oak Smoke, Invictorious, Snow Baby and Pink Bubbles) 
Bath Bombs 3 and CBD CSA
Bath Bomb Creamers CSA
Herbal Bath Bombs CSA
(Lavender, Sweet Orange, Jasmine, Sandalwood and Patchouli, Blue Velvet, ET)
Body Butter CSA
Body Lotion CSA 
Bubble Bars CSA
Bubble Bombs CSA
Conditioner Bars CSA
Cold Process Soap 1 CSA
Raspberry, Prosecco and Clementine, Berry, Pomegranate, Chocolate, Rose
Cold Process Soap 2 CSA
Mermaid, Honey, Basic Soap, Citrus, Pink Lemonade, Candyfloss
Cold Process Soap 3 CSA
White Ginger and Cinnamon, Gingerbread, Patchouli and Charcoal, Cherry, Crimson Cranberry, Chocolate Mint, Neon Flowers, Velvet Rose
Face Serums CSA
Lip Balm CSA
Melt and Pour Soap 1 CSA
Essential Oil soaps
Melt and Pour Soap 2 CSA
Shampoo Bars (Cold Process) CSA
Shampoo Bars 1 CSA
Whipped Soap 1 CSA
Strawberry, Violet, Citrus. Blueberry
Whipped Soap 2 CSA
Vanilla, Strawberry Mallow
Whipped Soap, Body Scrub and Shaving Soap CSA