Our Ethical Responsibilities

Environmental policy

Soap and So at www.thestuffilove.com is a responsible bath and beauty manufacturer and wholesaler supplier. We remain focused on sourcing environmental solutions in all of our packaging that will lessen our environmental impact, while serving as an example to others.

Following sustainable practices is important to our business success and we are committed to 'doing no harm' to the environment by:

Using products from sustainable sources

Recycling and reusing packaging from goods and materials shipped to us.

Ensuring suppliers do not test on animals (please see our statement on animal testing and our suppliers), provide traceble data on where materials come from (from grower to final product)

Reducing travel miles by purchasing from UK suppliers and small businesses.

Utilising packaging solutions that come from sustainable sources and are home compostable/recyclable;

 Improving production to increase efficiency, reduce waste and produce similar-strength products using less material and utilising green energy sources such as our solar powered small holding.

 Our Packaging

We use recyclable packaging for all our products including the new 'I'm Green' eco-bags:-

I'm Green highlights

  • An eco-friendly polythene that is very much like traditional polythene but is better for the environment
  • Produced using green ethanol derived from sugar cane instead of traditional fossil fuels
  • A carbon-neutral, green polythene
  • Renewable content share: 95%
  • Fully recyclable in existing recycling streams

See details here of how they are produced here:-


We pack with paper packing and recyclable polystyrene peanuts.  All boxes are reused and recycled from the business.

Recyclable packaging