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Handmade Scented Carpet Freshener, Rug Refresh, Fragrance Dust 100g

Handmade Scented Carpet Freshener, Rug Refresh, Fragrance Dust 100g

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Handmade carpet/rug freshener/car freshener. Our handmade freshener can be used in many areas to freshen up carpets, rugs, upholstery, mattresses, even fabric car interiors. Simply sprinkle liberally over your carpet, leave for 20 - 30 mins, then vacuum off.

Either directly from the bag, through a sieve or pop your powder into an empty shaker bottle.  Please note we do sell shakers separately or free with our 500g packs. It is available to buy in a range of fragrances ranging from fragrances oils, essential oils and popular designer type fragrance scents.

Whilst the powder is down, please keep young children and pets out of the room. Although its completely safe to use, its good practice to always do a patch test before use. All of our products are vegan friendly, and animal cruelty free. Please check your filter regularly when using carpet freshener as we will not accept liability for damage to vacuum cleaners caused by misuse. CPL labelling and insured . *None of our perfume dupes / fragrances are endorsed by the manufacturer of the well known perfume / fragrance with a similar name they simply smell similar to the perfume / fragrance stated Handmade - ingredients from UK businesses - buy small and local Highly Scented Vegan - no animal derivatives used in the making of this product Cruelty Free

Instructions: Sprinkle on your carpet, sofa, mattresses or vehicle interior. Leave for 30 minutes or longer if possible and vacuum away. Please make sure your vacuum can be used with carpet freshener.

This product can also be dissolved in a mop bucket for cleaning and the fragrance will infuse your home. Do not dispose of water within the natural enviroment.

Each product we sell is always handmade in small batches, with the most sincere care and love.

This product is free of:-

-Single use plastics
-Palm Oil
-Cruelty free

We are members of the Guild of Soap and Toiletry Makers. Our products are safety assessed with a UK chemist.

For external use only do not ingest. If any adverse effects are experienced please discontinue use.

This product contains essential oils so please keep away from children and pets, please check with your GP before using if pregnant or breast feeding.

Packaging: A Kraft bag and paper label/ribbon.

Made in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds on our 'small' holding surrounded by nature and our rescued greyhounds, chickens and honey bees. We have an independent and purpose built soap kitchen where we create our products and a large log cabin for storage and supply facilities. We are a family run business and create our products with natural ingredients and fine fragrances and essential oils with as little impact on the nature around us, from our heart to your home.  


This product is suitable for vegans

As our products contain natural butters and oils they are more gentle and therefore suitable for sensitive skins

Our ingredients are from sustainable sources

We purchase our ingredients and packaging from UK based businesses to reduce 'product miles'. 

We do not test our products on cute little animals and neither do our suppliers

Due to the natural butters and oils we use there may be colour variances

We offer a gift pack and wrap service please contact us for details

Made in an enviroment that uses sweet almond oil

Shipping:  We usually ship retail orders within 2 working days but on occasions during periods of high demand this may be slightly longer, we will update the front screen if this is the case.  We use Royal Mail for soap slices and a 2 day courier service for larger orders.

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